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Monogrammed Scarf - Personalized Scarves - 35 colors

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Monogrammed Scarf - Personalized Scarves- Winter scarf with monogram - Our soft acrylic winter scarf can be monogrammed or personalized. Our scarf has the feel of cashmere without the cost. Each monogrammed scarf measure approximately 72 inches long x 12 inches wide. Choose from 35 scarf colors, 41 different font styles and endless thread colors. Personalized your scarf with a monogram, name or letter. See the scarf color chart in this listing for all of the scarves that are available to be monogrammed or personalized.

this scarf is made of soft acrylic
72" x 12" (approximately)
35 COLORS AVAILABLE - there is a photo/chart in this listing that shows all available colors with the name of each scarf below the swatch. If you click through the photos it will come up.
First choose your scarf color and font style in the drop down menus. You will then need to type in the following instructions for each scarf you are ordering in the free text box. This is very important. Please do not submit an order without this information:

? 1) Thread Color:
Note: many scarf orders are coming in without this - please be sure to include your thread color!

? 2) Personalization for each scarf (name, monogram etc.)
Note: Give us the initials exactly as they will be embroidered on the scarf. We do not re-arrange initials or monograms. We will embroider them exactly as you give them to us. Read more about monograms below before your order. This is very important so please make sure the letters are in monogram order and read the section about monograms so you know what the correct monogram order is.

Avoid delay and include complete instructions along with your order - thank you!

▲We cannot ship a scarf without complete instructions▲

Please give us the 3 letters for the monogram in the monogram order as they will appear on the scarf. The traditional female monogram is first LAST middle. When you look at the monograms on our font style chart choose a style on the right side under "Monograms". If you see a TALLER letter in the center of the sample monogram, that center letter represents the person's last name.

Kate A. Miller's monogram would be KMA. (first LAST middle)

See the chart in our listing for the 34 font styles you can pick from. If you want to view the entire font styles follow this link so you can preview ALL letters in each style.

There are only 2 font styles that put the letters in the first middle last order and those are 12 and 26 which are both traditional male monogram styles. Note all letters are the same height on these two font styles.

Still not sure? Give us the full name and we'll help you with the monogram. If you decide to give us the full name, please don't rearrange the name. If you are buying for Kate Ann Miller, her name is Kate Ann Miller, her monogram is KMA. Don't tell us her name is Kate Miller Ann or the monogram will come out wrong.

A photo of the available thread colors can be found within this listing, if you can't see it view them here. http://www.prettypersonalgifts.com/colorchart.html

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