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Personalized Custom 5th 10th 20th 25th 30th 40th 60th 70th Wedding Anniversary Glass Block Light Unique Usable Couple Gift Party Decor Lite

Customer Reviews
This Beautiful Light is made with a solid, hollow clear glass block that measures 6"x8"x4" and is decorated with various swirl ribbons and features a beautiful rhinestone number in the center. The number is approx. 2" high. It has a 20 count strand of clear lights on a white cord inserted through a drilled hole in the back lower corner. When the lights eventually burn out, just change them out through the hole. The block does not get hot and can be left plugged in 24/7/365. It weighs about 5 pounds. It makes a beautiful decoration during the day and serves as a night light in the evening and at night. I have sold over 3,500 glass block lights at craft shows since 2006. This is the perfect unique, usable and unforgettable gift for that special couple!

~ PLEASE NOTE: I personalize the light using various fancy, high quality, glitter stickers with the first initials of the couple and the year of their marriage. If you provide their first names as well as their last name, I can send you possible options based on what will fit in the limited space I have to work with on the front two corners. If names are too long, please know it will be personalized with their FIRST INITIALS and YEAR OF MARRIAGE if there are no other possible options. See photos for examples of personalized lights that I have made. Please provide information in message upon checkout. Personalization may cause a delay in shipping if information is not provided. I can personalized the light in either SILVER, GOLD or RUBY RED lettering & numbers. Please let me know your preference of color along with the personalization information. ThAnK YoU!

Below are three messages I have received from customers:

Thank you so much Sandra.... We love it.... We will definitely let others know about you as well.... We order a lot on-line and never have we ever dealt with a person like yourself..... In constant contact with updates.... So refreshing.... You do a wonderful job in every way..... Again, thank you I'm sure my brother and sister-in-law will love it... Have a great night.... Mona Pellegrino:)

Hello Sandy. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond back to you. I just got some feedback from my friend who just saw the gift, and I just got my thank you card from the anniversary couple. First of all, the gift arrived very quickly, and I appreciate how well you had it packaged to avoid any type of damage. I thought it was very beautiful, a great anniversary gift or a gift for many types of occasions. My friend and the anniversary couple thought it was beautiful as well and very unique. I also got many compliments from others who looked at the pictures I took before I wrapped the glass block. Overall, the ordering process was easy, and like I mentioned previously, the gift arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. The anniversary couple told me this was the most unique gift that they received and they just loved it. I certainly hope I have a need to order another glass block in the future........maybe I'll just order one for myself! Thank you. Pat Austin

Thanks Sandy...I really do love your lights. I looked at others on ebay and etsy and didn't like them near enough as yours. The 50th is beautiful it is for my husband's sister and her husband in January. I just had to have one for myself. Can't wait to get it! Anyhow, I will recommend your lights to everyone. I wish I knew someone who was having a baby.lol Thanks again, Jan