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Vintage style fishnet lace black fingerless crochet gloves

Customer Reviews
These gloves are based on an actual vintage crochet pattern around the 1930s, that I slightly modified. Gloves that are perfect for special occassions or just a regular day.

COLOR: black

MATERIAL: I crochet these gloves with 100% cotton yarn, thin but quite strong

SIZE/WIDTH: measure around your knuckles and make a fist to get a more accurate measurement. These gloves should fit someone with 7 1/2 inches around their knuckles. Please look at pictures demonstrating how to measure around knuckles. You could use a string if you dont have a measuring tape

-CARE: HAND WASH in cold water and lay flat to dry. Do not wring it! Warm water is okay but to be on the safe side cold is preferable.

-PACKAGE: I include a drawstring bag with the gloves as a small gift.Its always going to be a random design on the bag, so it will not be the exact design found in the pictures.

-SHIPPING: I will ship as soon as I can 1-3 days

Please understand there are no returns or exchanges. It takes a lot of time and love for me to make these gloves. The yarn is really durable, so dont be afraid to tug at it when putting it on. It should fit perfectly once on the hands properly, so make sure you have the right measurements to wear these gloves. Please allow for minor differences between the gloves, since they are handmade. I do my very best to keep them identical as much as possible.

Note: smoke free home but also dog friendly. I store the yarn in bins away from them, but just wanted to inform anybody who might be allergic of dogs.